Business Review of Social Media to think like Anthropologists to get more Business

It has been confirmed in recent Business Review marketing managers still feel that field marketing is the best option to generate business. They have forgotten about the internet which is made for people and used by the people only. It has provided insight to the manager which is a source of social listing. Social media gives you the chance to peer inside the lives of the masses without any direct interactions.  Managers can easily reveal about their behavior by regularly tracking their opinions and their ripple effect of their actions and the behavior of customers. It has been recommended from the marketing science that the chatter affects sales of the business, a health of brands and performance of the stock. The competency of social listing will be very decisive to the competitive benefits of digital age.FORENSICS

  • The potential of Social media – It has lots of potential but companies do not rely on its market intelligence. As per the analytics, the confirmation of data is a predetermined viewpoint and the conversation of social media should be managed rather than listed. The listening of a frame is a vast exercise in comparison to a potential strategic project. Some only pay attention to the data of social media at a time of crisis. Social listening is a strategy of corporate and innovation which is the inside part of marketing service departments.


  • Efforts of Professionals – There have been a regular effort done by professional of Information System, Computer Scientists, and Econometricians for purpose of database management. But all these people lack in the skill of social science. It allows marketing managers to move from data management into a social listening world. The main work of IS professionals is to manage the information and simplifying the complex data to the level of null and ones. The task of meaning management is done by specialized Anthropologists who think like IS professionals. Their main function is to take complex data and arrange them in higher-order form. In the meaning management the value is given to context and in the information management context is considered as noise and error. When the task of social listening is given specialists of information then the context appreciation has been lost. We have to make a shift from functional management of data to the holistic meaning of data management. The data of Social media is qualitative and it can be quantified for manageability. The analysis must be treated and represented as qualitative at some stage. The managers have to imagine like anthropologists and apply hard science research.arch-dig-dig-pair
  • Sample Data – As per the sample sizes and online contrast one comment, one idea, one picture in the social listening of data can give a spark to the new idea with thoughtful implications. In a recent case, a company dealing with pharmaceutical business learned a new idea of business. The executives saw a picture of some site in which a man was wrapping up a part of his left leg with a foil after applying the ointment of pain relief. It became the medication of untreatable stains on some fabrics. Now the single picture gave a new idea and it has become the product of pain relief.