Fred Jones (From Scooby-Doo) Painting By Adam Daly

In case you haven’t heard I have been recreating all the Scoody-Doo characters. Giving them a harder edge. A look and character I felt was more realistic for young adults going into terrifying situations. First I recreated the beautiful “Danger Prone” Daphne Blake. And the next character is Freddy Jones!

Freddie Jones From Scooby-Doo Remake By Adam Daly Full Color

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With my version of Fred I wanted to make him a bit darker… haunted. Haunted by the terrifying things he has seen. And especially by the decisions, as the leader of the Mystery Team, that he has been forced to make. Decisions that have affected him and the group deeply. Much like a leader in reality must make difficult decisions Fred has had to make some that weigh heavily on him, and I wanted that to be evident in his face. Especially his eyes.

In the original cartoon Fred was interested in creating traps, martial arts, and weight lifting. So I had to add the “Do you even lift” sticker. Fred was also very superstitious. The rabbit’s foot was something I felt he would have attached to his shotgun for good luck.

Freddie Jones From Scooby-Doo Remake By Adam Daly Black And White

This Is What It Looks Like Before I Add Color

Of course he has extra ammunition for his shotgun strapped across his chest, but perhaps the most important weapon the Mystery Team possesses is Scooby-Doo! And we all know how to motivate him. SCOOBY SNACKS. So Fred has Scooby snacks strapped to his harness right next to his ammo.¬† And finally if you didn’t know Freddy is an official Sasquatch hunter :).

Fred Jones Speed Painting Video

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