[VIDEO & PHOTOS] My Dog’s Survival Story

4 years ago my wife and I got two of my favorite things in the world. Our two dogs Goku and Lola. They have brought so much joy into our lives.

Goku and Lola My Chihuahuas Sleeping

A year ago I came home, and there was blood on the floor. Lola our girl dog could barley stand. She followed me around the house trying to tell me that something was wrong, but I had no idea what to do. A little while later she started to scream like I have never heard a dog scream before. I don’t mean bark I mean scream. I wish that I could forget the sound. She couldn’t move it was like she was paralyzed.

We took Lola down to the Animal Neurological Center, and they x-rayed her to see what happened. Lola’s neck had been separated from her spine. As a result of this her spin was bumping into her spinal cord directly under her head. Causing her severe pain as well as paralyzing her. The doctor said that they could do surgery and re- connect the bone, but the damage to the spine was irreparable. He had no idea if she would ever walk again…

My wife and I would both have to work extra hours to pay for the surgery. We would have to go through countless hours of rehabilitation with Lola. And even still  there was no promise that she would ever walk again.

Though we didn’t know if she would ever walk again we decided to go through with the surgery. To give Lola a chance to decide if she would ever walk again. And even if she didn’t, at least we did everything within our power, to help.

Watch the video below to find out what eventually happened with Lola. This video was made after her surgery.

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Since the surgery Lola has made a complete recovery, and is as full of life as ever. As you can see in the video she loves running around with her brother Goku. We look forward to many amazing joy filled years with Lola. She may never fully realize how much joy she has brought to our lives. To see her run around grinning ear to ear is such an amazing site to see, knowing that at one time she almost lost her life. Sometimes we are just amazed at how much this little dog has had such a large impact on our lives.

Lola my Chihuahua Taking a Bath

I sincerely want to thank the people at the http://www.animalneurology.com/ for being so amazing. They watched over Lola and kept her company day and night. These people were always there when we had questions.

They were patient, caring, and sensitive. I especially want to thank Dr. Andrew Isaacs for all his hard work and dedication to fixing up our Lola.

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